The Dangers of Sitting

People with desk jobs are some of the most common patients we see at our Lynnwood chiropractic clinic. Part of this may be because they don’t get a lot of exercise, but the main problem here is usually the fact that they have to spend much of the workweek in a seated position. Counter-intuitive as it may be, sitting is really one of the worst things you can do to your back.

The fact is that the human spine really was not built for sitting. It bends your back in such a way that you’re actually putting more strain on your spine than you are when you stand. It is therefore a good idea to get up and walk around as much as you can during your workday; stand when you take a phone call, or pace up and down while you review work documents.

When you do have to sit, try to cultivate good posture habits. Slouching puts unnecessary strain on your lower back, and it causes you to tilt your head back to look at your computer screen, which results in knots in the neck and shoulder area. You want to try to keep your shoulders back and line up your ears and hips so that you maintain a slight, natural curve in your spine.

For more about proper posture, talk to your chiropractor.