Should I Get a Back Brace?

A lot of people who suffer from back pain are inclined to baby their back muscles. A back brace seems like a good recourse, and many consider it as a full-time solution to their chronic back problems. However, our Edmonds chiropractor advises that you think twice when it comes to back braces, as them may only be making your problems worse.

A fact that bears repeating is that rest is not always the best treatment for your back. This is why you are seldom recommended to rest your back for more than a day. After all, many chronic back problems are attributed to a weakness in your core muscles. You want to exercise these muscles, allowing them to become strong enough to support your body without injury. Though a back brace may be a fine aid in heavy-lifting, constantly wearing one is allowing important core muscles to atrophy. Seek a better solution with Nu Star, and work to conquer your back pain through exercise and proper ergonomic habits.