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Since 2012, we have helped many people just like you conquer their crippling back pain.

Your back doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so when you have a problem you need to know that you’re in highly educated and well-honed hands. With our thousands of hours of experience in chiropractic medicine and massage, we can boast a long record of satisfied patients.

We employ a holistic approach to your health, focusing on the biochemical, structural, and emotional branches of your nervous system to unlock the root of your problems and tap into the natural healing mechanisms of your body.

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Dr. David Yi D.C.

Massage Therapy

Massage is more than just a luxury spa treatment. At our Lynnwood chiropractor clinic, it’s a valuable procedure that can seriously improve the quality of your life. One of the problems with our musculature systems, particularly in our backs, is that they’re not great at solving their own problems.

When a muscle knots, tightens, or goes weak, the house of cards begins to fall. You may instinctively want to rest these muscles when they cause you pain, but doing so may only be aggravating the problem.

So what can you do when it’s too painful to stand and too risky to lay down?

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