What Is Chiropractic?

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Chiropractic is the guiding principle of our work at the Nu Star Lynnwood Chiropractic Clinic. People who practice chiropractic, known as chiropractors, chiropractic physicians, or doctors of chiropractic, are well versed in the relationship between the nervous system and various ailments throughout the body. By studying and manipulating problems in your musculoskeletal structures, they are able to bring relief and initiate healing through drug-free, non-invasive medical treatment.

Most commonly, people are referred to chiropractors for neuromusculoskeletal complaints like back pain, neck pain, pains in the arms and legs, or certain types of headaches. A visit to a chiropractor will typically start with a thorough diagnosis to evaluate the appropriateness of chiropractic treatment for your particular ailment. This process may involve clinical examination, laboratory tests, and diagnostic imaging. This should give the doctor an idea of how your pain may relate to a musculoskeletal problem, and whether chiropracty should play a primary or supplemental role in your recovery.

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Most problems treated by chiropractors involve muscle groups that have lost mobility, either from an injury or from long periods of bad posture. This is where a chiropractor will employ what is called a “spinal manipulation”, or “chiropractic adjustment”.

These procedures involve controlled force being applied to the afflicted joints so as to restore mobility, reduce inflammation, and relieve pressure that may be affecting your nerves. The process is safe, frequently painless, and leaves most patients with immediate and long-lasting relief from their pain. Some patients experience mild side effects that are similar to the aches and soreness you feel after a workout, but these typically disappear after a day.

In addition to these manipulations, chiropractors are also qualified to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise, nutritional counseling, and general advice for a healthy lifestyle.

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