Percussion Therapy

Nu Star Lynnwood Chiropractic

To some, “percussion therapy” is about playing the drums until your stress goes away. At our Lynnwood chiropractic, it’s a legitimate treatment for muscle pain. Try it out for yourself to experience the incredible healing power of simple, vibration-based massage.

Throughout your day, lactic acid tends to build up in your muscles. This can happen either as a result of exercise, or from lengthy periods of immobility. This build-up is the cause of the stiff or aching feeling you get after a workout or after hours in your uncomfortable office chair.

Massage is a good way to flush this lactic acid out of your system and restore comfort to your musculature.

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

In percussion therapy, a special machine is applied to your back to administer a rapid series of taps to your problem areas. The taps send high-frequency vibrations deep into your tissues where the toxic build-up has occurred.

Capillaries and lymph nodes are stimulated and, like a thousand drops of rain being shaken from a sodden tree, the acids are purged from your system. In turn, as your blood starts flowing again, your body’s natural pain-relieving endorphins are being circulated in to finish the job.

Benefits of Percussion Massagers*

  1. Almost immediate pain relief through local Endorphin release
  2. Increased Blood Circulation
  3. Increased Lymphatic Drainage
  4. Trigger Point stimulation and release (Shiatsu action on muscle knots)
  5. Stimulation of Parasympathetic nervous system (anti-adrenalin, relaxing and calming)
  6. Release of Joint & Ligament Fixations (increases joint mobility)

Percussion therapy will often be offered as a supplemental treatment. It’s easy, it’s safe, and many patients report enjoying lower stress and better sleep cycles after their treatment. Ask your chiropractor if percussion therapy may be an effective treatment for you.

A tight muscle or two is a simple thing that can cause you an alarming degree of pain. When this is your problem, our Lynnwood chiropractor offers percussion therapy. This is a simple treatment wherein a percussive device is used to vibrate your muscles. The rapid beating of the device effectively massages you, sending high-frequency vibrations deep into your tissue, which flushes away toxins and loosens up knots.