Hands-on Massage Therapy

Nu Star Lynnwood Chiropractic

There’s nothing quite like a good massage. This is a form of medicine that goes back thousands of years, tried and true for cultures across the globe. Today, millions of Americans benefit from traditional, hands-on massage therapy every year, and you can join these numbers at our Lynnwood chiropractic clinic.

Massage Therapists at Nu Star Lynnwood

There’s little that’s quite like a good, old-fashioned massage for many of your most common back problems.

The massage therapists at our Lynnwood chiropractor clinic are specially trained to identify problematic muscles and deliver effective relief to your back pain. Hands-on massage is simple, intuitive, and can be customized to accommodate whatever makes you comfortable.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is commonly used to relieve stiffness and pain, particularly in the back and neck region. A trained therapist can feel out trouble spots in the back, like knots, and target these to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. Many patients walk away feeling a significant decrease in their pain, and generally enjoy lower stress, diminished depression, and an overall better mood.

The human touch of traditional massage allows it to be an intuitive and highly accommodating form of treatment. Your therapist can work entirely within your comfort level, adjusting pressure as you dictate and avoiding areas that cause you pain. Many massage patients don’t even get nude during their procedure.

There is very little risk associated with massage therapy when it is performed by a properly trained massage therapist. It is, however, important for you to alert your massage therapist if any of these conditions apply to you: if you have bleeding disorders, a low blood platelet count, blood clots, fragile bones, recent surgery, open wounds, skin infections, cancer, or if you are pregnant or taking certain blood-thinning medication.

Any of these may mean that your therapist should avoid certain areas, or they may not recommend you receiving massage therapy. Also, a few people suffer allergic reactions from massage oils; if you are aware of such an allergy, please inform our massage therapist.

Side effects of massage therapy generally include some short-lived muscular pain, and some rare cases of bruising or swelling. Talk to your doctor to see if massage therapy is right for you.