Mechanical Traction

Nu Star Lynnwood Chiropractic

Mechanical traction is another one of the options that our Lynnwood chiropractic offers to patients suffering from back pain or sciatica. This is a non-invasive procedure, frequently offered as supplemental treatment with other conservative means of relieving spine-related pain.

Non-invasive Procedure

The traction machine works by using a gentle pulling mechanism to separate the spinal bones. This relieves the pressure on damaged or herniated disks, allowing them to heal themselves. As the disks recover, they are less likely to crowd the nerves that are housed within your spine, and feelings of pain, numbness, or tingling will go away.

Mechanical traction is largely the same as decompression therapy. Indeed, the terms “traction” and “decompression” may be used interchangeably in some circles. The principle difference is that decompression represents a newer kind of traction and, while it is a promising development within the chiropractic field, it is not quite as tried and proven as older traction methods.

Traction represents a risk to the same people who should not engage in decompression therapy, including people with fractures, tumors, or aneurysms in the abdominal region, metal spinal implants, or an otherwise compromised spinal integrity. Tell your chiropractor if any of these conditions apply to you, and talk to your doctor before considering traction if you are pregnant.

Treatments at Nu Star Chiropractic Lynnwood

For many of the more problematic cases at our Lynnwood chiropractic clinic, we make use of mechanical traction devices to facilitate treatment. In this way we can pull at the spine and surrounding tissues, training them to provide much-needed space to your compressed spinal disks. This can reduce inflammation, relieving pain and taking pressure off of spinal nerves. It’s a good choice for a lot of people who are suffering from chronic back problems.