The Best Mattress for your Back

Customers will sometimes ask our Edmonds chiropractor about what kind of mattress is best for their backs. Some people make the mistake of thinking that softer translates to easier on your back, while other people hold the misconception that you’re best served by the firmest mattresses. Though needs vary from person to person, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle ground.

A study demonstrated that people who suffer from back pain can frequently benefit from a medium-firm mattress. On a ten point scale, with ten representing the softest mattress and one representing the firmest, a 5.6 mattress proved to be one of the better options. Your needs may vary depending on your sleep habits, but you should always be looking for one that offers you an appropriate degree of support combined with a comfortable enough yield. Consult Nu Star to help you determine what kind of mattress might suit your back.