Back Pain and Your Wallet

Is your wallet causing you pain? We’re not speaking metaphorically, based on how much money may be contained within. If you ask your Edmonds chiropractor, the worst damage your wallet is capable of is the pain it inflicts on your back. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to save yourself from this pain..

A mistake that many people make is sticking their wallets into the back pocket of their pants, where they end up sitting on it throughout the day. When you have this bulky mass under one buttock and not the other, you’re never sitting on a level surface. This forces muscles on one side of your body to work harder than muscles on the other side, which can lead to knots and strains. Over time, you may even be training certain muscles to be tighter than the muscles on the other side, and this can take its toll on your lower back.

In order to avoid this, consider alternative places for your wallet. Try removing it from your back pocket whenever you sit down, or at very least minimize the size of your wallet. This will keep you sitting on even ground, and help you to maintain a happy, healthy spine.