Massage Through the Ages

Therapeutic massage is by no means a recent development. People have been practicing massage, similar to the variety practiced at our Edmonds chiropractic, for thousands of years.

The earliest known record of massage dates back to China in 3000 BC. Ancient documents from this period indicates that massage was used to maintain good bodily balance. When combined with exercise, martial arts, and meditation, it was considered part of complete health.

The Hindus were also big on massage. Documents from as far back as 1800 BC indicate that massage therapy was used to control weight, aid in restful sleep, and promote relaxation. Since the ancient Hindus were also big on hygiene as part of good health, they would frequently combine massage with bathing.

Documents from ancient Greece shows the Greek people using massage as early as 300 BC. Soldiers were given massages on a regular basis to reduce pain and fatigue during their training and following tournaments.