What Does Nocturnal Back Pain Mean?

For most people with back pain, it is a relief to be able to lay down at night. Unfortunately, some people suffer just as much while they recline, maybe even moreso. Occasionally, the pain may not even begin until they try to settle down for the evening. Our Edmonds chiropractic clinic advises that you never ignore these symptoms, as they could be a warning sign of something serious.

Nocturnal back pain may be caused by tumors, either primary tumors in the spine or metastatic tumors resulting from cancer that has developed elsewhere in the body. Alternatively, it may also be indicative of either an infection or ankylosing spondylitis, which causes your spine to fuse into a fixed, immobile position. These conditions affect less than one percent of people suffering from nocturnal back pain, but one way or another, it is a good idea to get your pain looked at by a professional.