Is Acupuncture Effective Against Back Pain?

Acupuncture is an alternative healing practice derived from Chinese medicine wherein fine needles are used to release your chi and trigger healing in your body. Some people consider seeking acupuncture as an alternative to our chiropractic in Edmonds. But is this treatment truly a viable option?

Currently, acupuncture is a controversial issue. Though there have been many studies conducted to examine its potential to provide relief and healing, there have been no conclusive signs that acupuncture patients derive any real benefits for their back pain. Many people do report experiencing relief that they attribute to their acupuncture treatment, but no more so than other forms of alternative medicine. Though the theory behind acupuncture is not without scientific merit, it is possible that most of its perceived benefit is a manifestation of a placebo effect. People suffering from back pain are advised to stick with chiropractic treatment.