When Bedrest is Bad for your Back

It’s common for people suffering from back pain to want to try to avoid seeking professional help. They figure that they can solve their own problem simply by resting for a little while. As logical as this might seem for many problems, particularly strains or other back injuries, you are generally better off visiting our Edmonds chiropractic clinic than committing yourself to a few days of bedrest. After all, too much rest is probably making things worse.

When you lay on your back for a prolonged period of time, you risk aggravating your pain. Your muscles are in danger of stiffening or losing tone, while the weight of your body is limiting the blood flow through your back. It is for these reasons that doctors generally advise against resting for more than a single day, at most, and returning to your normal activity as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, a lot of back pain treatment involves gentle back exercises that gradually become more rigorous over time. Such exercises can be customized for your particular problem, and help to assure that you will not relapse into the same pain in the future. You can learn more about these from your chiropractor.