Your Body Weight vs. Your Back

Are you wondering why you have back pain? There’s a good chance that your weight is the culprit. Our Edmonds chiropractor sees many patients who are either overweight or underweight and, sure enough, the advice that we frequently have to give them is that they need to either lose or gain weight in order to free themselves of back problems.

It’s easy enough to see why an overweight person is prone to back pain. When you’re packing on the fat, you’re carrying more weight for your spine to have to support. Of course, this doesn’t mean that overly thin people are in the clear; if somebody’s tiny waistline is due to an eating disorder, this could mean that their bones aren’t getting the nutrients that they need. Anorexics commonly suffer from bone loss, which results in a weaker and more brittle spine.

The best way to maintain a strong back is to stay in shape and maintain a proper body weight. Visit your chiropractor for additional advice on how to achieve this.