What’s Causing Your Stiff Neck?

Are you suffering from a stiff neck, and don’t know why? It can often be difficult to identify the reasons behind neck stiffness. There are many potential causes, most of which come in the form of a muscular injury. What follows is a list of common causes for a stiff neck:

  • A fall or impact that forces your head to move suddenly to the side.
  • Sleeping in an awkward position.
  • An activity that has you move your neck repeatedly, like swimming with a forward crawl stroke.
  • An infection in the area around your neck.
  • Using poor posture while looking at a computer screen.
  • Looking down at your phone for extended periods of time.
  • Any situation wherein you hold your neck in an awkward angle for prolonged periods of time, like holding a phone with your shoulder and ear.
  • Excessive stress can aggravate or even cause neck stiffness.

If you are suffering from a stiff neck, you may be a candidate for massage or chiropractic treatment. Talk to our chiropractic in Edmonds for more information.