The High Demand for Chiropractic

Did you know that our Edmonds chiropractor is part of the fastest growing health care profession in the country? It’s true! Every year, millions and millions of Americans opt to make chiropractic services a regular part of their lifestyle.

Most people are projected to experience significant back pain at some point in their lives. These are problems that affect people from all walks of life; the heavy-lifting manual laborer is as sure to see his share of strains and muscle pulls as the sedentary office worker is to fall to muscle degradation and bad posture. This is why back pain is one of the leading causes of sick leave across the board, with roughly half of all American workers every year having to miss days on account of back-related trouble.

Today, chiropracty is the second-largest profession in the primary health care field. So if you’ve got a back pain that won’t go away, come down to Nu Star to see what you’re missing! Tens of millions of American’s can’t be wrong!