Blood Pressure and Headaches

Are you suffering from headaches that you don’t know the source of? Many people in such a situation make the mistake of thinking that this can be related to a high blood pressure. The connection between blood pressure and headaches was a common misconception early in the 1900’s, but modern scientific studies have roundly disproven such beliefs.

Surprisingly enough, it has been observed that people with a high systolic blood pressure are actually between 40% and 50% less likely to suffer from headaches. It would seem that, when your pulse pressure increases, your blood vessels stiffen. This impairs your nerve endings, which makes it less likely that you will feel headaches or other forms of pain.

The takeaway from this is that your headaches cannot be reliably used as a gauge for how healthy your blood pressure is. You should consult a doctor to properly measure and deal with your blood pressure, and visit our Edmonds chiropractic clinic to explore the causes of your headaches and find relief from your pain.