Lifting Weights Without Injuring Your Back

If you’re planning on starting a weightlifting routine, it is important that you talk to a professional to make sure your back is up to the job. Many weightlifting exercises are very hard on your delicate back tissues. To help you avoid serious injury as a result of lifting weights, consider the following tips:

Always loosen up your back muscles before every workout with appropriate warm ups and stretches.
For most exercises, you’re probably better off using a training machine instead of free weights. When you use a machine, you’re lifting the same weight but with a reduced stress on your spine. Meanwhile, you can do more exercises without supervision.
Don’t exceed your known limits. If you are experiencing pain as you lift, consider doing more repetitions with less weight. Over time, you may build up the muscle tone you need to lift more.
If you are performing high-risk exercises like the deadlift, the clean-and-jerk, or the squat, always make sure you have supervision.
Regular massages and chiropractic treatments can do wonders to reduce the risk of injury. Consult Nu Star in Edmonds for more.