The Perils of the Weekend Warrior

The life of the “weekend warrior” is a straightforward one: five days of sitting in a stifling workplace followed by two days of going out to get some exercise. There’s a certain wisdom to this for anyone who is wary of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. However, our Edmonds chiropractor advises that you take care with your weekend warrioring, for it is exactly this kind of behavior that can put you at risk of a lot of unnecessary back pain.

The weekend warrior’s big mistake is that he or she concentrates too much exercise over too little time. When most of your physical activity comes once a week, you’re not allowing yourself to build up the muscle it takes to reliably withstand your own routine. You want to stay at least moderately active throughout the week, taking walks or engaging in light aerobics to prevent entropy. If you can manage this, your weekend warfare will count for more and result in far fewer injuries in the long run.