Setting Up an Ergonomically-Sound Desk Chair

A lot of back pain is caused by an improper seat, particularly if this seat is the one you spend all of your work day on. When setting up a chair at your desk, consider the following tips to make sure that you’re ergonomically sound.

  • Lower Back: Your lower spine should be supported so that your back arches slightly when you sit up straight.
  • Elbows: Sit as close to your desk as possible, holding your arms parallel to your spine and your hands resting on your desk. In this position, your elbows should be at a ninety-degree angle.
  • Arms: When you rest your arms on the armrests, you ought to feel a slight lift in your shoulders..
  • Thighs: You should be able to easily slide your fingers beneath your thigh at the frontmost edge of your chair.
  • Calves: When your posterior is up against the back of your chair, you should be able to easily pass a clenched fist between the front of your chair and the back of your calf. If you can’t do this, the chair is too deep.

In the event that your best efforts fall short and you experience back pain, contact our Edmonds chiropractic clinic for quick and effective treatment.