Avoid Back Pain This Winter!

The winter season can be harsh here in Lynnwood, especially in the northern Washington. The cold, wet, Washington weather has us all fighting to stay warm. However, as you struggle against Jack Frost, don’t forget to look out for the health of your back.

It’s easy to be careless and slip on ice or hurt your back tensing up to keep balance while you walk. It also may be that, you’re enjoying winter sports with more potential to hurt your back.

When the weather turns cold, we tend to instinctively hunch up for warmth. Whether we’re hugging our legs in our chairs or curled up into a ball in bed, we’re putting extra strain on our lower backs. Meanwhile, your leg muscles can tighten and tug on your pelvis, moving your spine out of alignment. Therefore, if you begin to feel a pain in your back that you cannot account for this winter, make a point to stretch out your legs and remember to employ good posture.

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