What Causes Scoliosis?

Why do people get scoliosis?  The specific reasons that any individual person’s spine might take on an unnatural twist can be hard to identify, but there are several factors that can increase your chances of getting scoliosis.  Our Edmonds chiropractor advises that you take note of any of these factors that might apply to you, and be particularly vigilant with your spine if you are at risk.

  • On average, girls are more likely to develop significant scoliosis than boys.

  • If you are missing a limb, or if any of your limbs are abnormally long or short, your spine is more likely to become unbalanced.

  • If one of the bones in your back is pushed forward, it may lead to scoliosis.

  • Some people develop certain problems in the womb that may make them susceptible to scoliosis.

  • People who don’t get enough exercise may not develop a strong enough back to prevent scoliosis.

  • A family history of scoliosis could point to an increased risk of developing the condition yourself.  This is especially true of daughters of women who either had or have scoliosis.