What Causes a Herniated Disk?

A herniated disk is what happens when the material in your spinal disks swells, pushing through the outer membrane. This presses up against the surrounding nerves and gets caught between your vertebrae, causing a lot of pain. When you experience such pain, you should try to get help from our Edmonds chiropractic clinic quickly before you can do more serious damage.

Sometimes a herniated disk is the result of an injury, possibly as a result of lifting heavy items improperly, taking a hit to the back, or over-stretching. Other times, though, it can be the result of the standard wear and tear that goes along with the aging process. Every so often, there will be no discernable cause of a herniated disk. Genetics are a big part of determining your risk factor for a herniated disk, so take note of your family history and take care of your back.