Unbalanced Muscular Strength

When you exercise, a certain degree of pain should be expected in your muscles. After all, it’s by inflicting tiny tears in your muscular tissues that you are able to develop stronger muscles. However, if you find that you experience particularly bad neck or back pain that you cannot account for, you may need to rethink your workout.

One of the problems you might be suffering from is an imbalance in your muscular strength. If one shoulder is weaker than the other, for example, it will get tired more quickly and inflict extra strain on your back and neck muscles while you do push-ups or pull ups. If this is the case, it may be a simple matter of building up the weaker muscle, or it may be caused by a hypermobile joint or previous injury that cannot be as easily resolved. Consult our chiropractic in Edmonds to learn more about developing a workout routine that will work best for you.