Tips For Dealing With ER Personnel

When you experience sudden and extreme back pain, you may feel the need to visit the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, it may not be as easy as it ought to be. Unfair as it may be, hospitals often have to deal with unscrupulous people who fake their injuries simply to gain controlled substances, which can be abused or sold at a high street price. Knowing this, our chiropractic in Edmonds offers the following advice to help assure that you get the medication you require:

  • Try to have a regular doctor treat your chronic pain issues. If you cannot identify a doctor to the ER staff, this can look suspicious. Make it clear that you tried to contact your regular physician before going to the ER, or even bring a letter from your physician to support your claims of chronic pain.
  • Keep a record of the medication you take. You might even bring in the actual bottles of the drugs you take. If you are unable to list your medications and dosages, ER staff may suspect you of fraud.
  • Be cooperative with the ER. A patient who comes in screaming for immediate pain relief is not going to be winning over the staff.