The Golfer’s Lift

The common wisdom when lifting a heavy object is to squat down, allowing you to lift with your legs instead of your back. When you are picking up a small object, though, the energy that goes into this motion is largely wasted. In such cases, the golfer’s lift is a handy alternative.

We call this technique the golfer’s lift because it’s a good way for golfers to retrieve a ball off of the green. It is ideal for retrieving any similar, lightweight object without expending too much effort or harming your back. Start by facing the object you are about to pick up, putting your body weight on a single foot and supporting your opposite hand on a chair, table, golf club, or similar object. Bend at your hip, keeping your your spine straight and your head up. Let your free leg lift as you bend, keeping it in line with your upper body. This leg will act as a counterbalance for your upper body, which makes it easier to stand up once you are done grabbing your target.