The Calming Effects of Human Touch

It’s common knowledge that a massage is a great way to relax. It eliminates your pain, loosens your muscles, and leaves you with a positive temperament. In fact, the relaxed feeling you experience following a massage at our Edmonds chiropractic clinic actually goes further than the physical healing you are benefitting from. It has been observed that the simple touch of another human has the power to calm us down and improve our emotional state.

In one study, a selection of happily married women were made to feel the threat of a harmless but unpleasant electronic shock. After the participants achieved a state of anxiety, they were treated with the touch of different people. It was discovered that the women achieved immediate relief from their anxiety by touching the hand of their husbands. The touch of a stranger was not as powerful, but it still offered them some considerable relief. Just imagine the relief you could experience when this touch is coupled with the trained chiropractic expertise of Nu Star!