Symptoms of Spinal Tumors

A spinal tumor is any tumor that develops on the neck, mid-back, or lower back. They can grow anywhere in the spine, including the spinal cord, in the dural sac, in the spinal roots, or on the vertebrae. Some of them originate on the spine itself, while others trace their roots to problems in other parts of your body. Therefore, they can come with a wide variety of symptoms and treatment options.

The most commonly experienced symptoms accompanied with spinal tumors are pain in either the neck or back. Such pain generally comes about at night, and gets worse with physical activity. If your tumor is in the neck area, you may also experience a weakness or numbness in your extremities. A tumor in either your mid or lower back might come with feelings of weakness or numbness in the chest or leg area, which can make it difficult to walk.

If you are diagnosed with a spinal tumor, your doctor will probably recommend surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, depending on the specific nature of the tumor. Consult our Edmonds chiropractic clinic to learn more about back and spinal health.