Stress, Pain, and Your Computer

People come to our chiropractic in Edmonds because they have back pain, sore muscles, and probably some emotional stress. Massage therapy and chiropracty can help to treat these issues, but, if you continue to suffer, you might want to look at your lifestyle to help get to the core of the issue. In our digital-heavy world, the culprit for many people is all the time they spend on the internet.

First of all, extended computer use is bad for your back. Hunching over your keyboard, craning your neck back to view your screen, sitting in one position for hours at a time, all of these can take their toll on your muscles and inflict serious damage. Your muscles want to move around, flushing out toxins and staying strong.

On top of this, spending too much time online has been shown to increase your levels of stress and depression. Though many look to the internet to relax and socialize, online interaction a poor substitute for actual human contact. Get off the computer more often and interact with friends in person, and you should see a marked improvement in your mood.