Sleeping Through Neck Pain

If you’ve got neck pain, chances are good that it’s keeping you up at night. So, how can you settle down for the night in a way that won’t aggravate your condition? Our chiropractic in Edmonds offers the following tips for sleeping with neck pain:

Some of the best advice we can give is to try to sleep on your back. This is the best way to let your spine rest comfortably. Sleeping on your side can also work, but we strongly advise that you avoid sleeping face down.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, take a look at your pillow. A pillow that is too large or too small will force your neck into an awkward position. A cervical or orthopedic pillow is designed to accommodate the contours of your head and neck. If you have a conventional pillow, be sure that it is between four and six inches thick.