Skiing and Back Pain

Skiing season will soon be upon us. This is a time not only of classic fun in the snow, but also a time where injuries and back pain are common. Fortunately, there are simple precautions you can take to better assure that your ski trip will not leave you laid up with back pain for the remainder of your winter vacation.

  • Your core muscles, including your lower back and abs, are put to work while you ski. You should start exercising these muscle groups at least six weeks prior to your ski trip. If your core is particularly out of shape, start your exercise routine several months in advance.
  • Never push yourself too far too soon. Always begin with a warm-up run on the easiest available hill, and do not try to ski a hill that is beyond what is reasonable for your skill level.
  • If you have a back problem, seek out the guidance of a ski instructor experienced in working with people suffering from back pain.
  • Refrain from carrying both skis over one shoulder for an extended duration. Such a heavy, unbalanced load quickly takes its toll on your back.
  • Consider taking a soak in hot water after skiing to loosen your muscles.