Simulate Weight Loss with Good Posture

There are plenty of reasons to aspire to good posture, most of them relating to the health of your back. You are probably already aware of how slumping and slouching is taxing on your muscles. In case this is not enough for you, though, we can also appeal to your vanity. Good posture also dramatically improves your appearance, in that it makes you appear taller, more confident, more energetic, and even slimmer.

Indeed, when you slouch, you push your midsection forward to create the appearance of a bigger potbelly than you need to have. Your gut may be two inches wider than when you stand up straight. Simply with a straighter posture, you can foster the appearance of being about ten pounds lighter. It’s an effective way to look lean and fit into your old pants without having to spend weeks dieting and exercising.

Fostering good posture is a matter of developing the right habits and strengthening your core muscles. If you need help to find an ideal posture and getting your core into shape, consult our chiropractic in Edmonds.