Should I Buy a Personal Massager?

There are many products on the market designed to let you give yourself a massage in your own home. Both hand-held massagers and mechanical massage chairs promise to give you the same benefits of a real massage therapist. But is such a device really a substitute for a hands-on massage from our chiropractic in Edmonds?

Granted, there are some benefits from a home massage device. Getting a massage every day is a great way to derive valuable health benefits, but most people lack the means to afford a professional massage therapist as frequently as that. On the other hand, you cannot get everything from a massage device that you can get from a pair of real human hands. A human masseur is more intuitive, and able to respond to your pain in ways that a mechanical chair could not. A knowledgeable chiropractor can also serve to identify the reasons behind your back problems and diagnose potentially serious conditions that require medical attention. So, while investing in a home massage device may not be a bad idea, you could still benefit from regular treatments from Nu Star Chiropractic.