Searching for a Chiropractic in Lynnwood

Why I should have Chiropractic Therapy?

Nature saw to it that the muscles of your body are built to withstand repetitive, strenuous work day to day and are capable to heal on their own, if you let them. Their endurance and resilience are remarkable. But working parts do break down, like machine components, from time to time, and need sufficient help to get back to working form again in less time. Most people will rest their muscles a while, take a pain-killer or two, or even attempt to massage themselves. Helpful. But not sustainable. The cramps and aches return with more vigor because the deep issue was not resolved.

What you need is a chiropractic massage. At our chiropractic in Lynnwood, Nu Star, professionals see to the deeper issue. We have several options.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

We have deep tissue massage to realign tight muscles, releasing the tension deep in muscle layers. Most useful for chronic pains, it is indicated for sore shoulders, stiff necks and upper backs, tightness in the thighs and legs, and lower back pains. This treatment reaches down to the tendons and fascia (outer cover of muscles, joints and bones).

Try also our hot stone massage that uses smooth, heated stones on your body to transmit that heat to the affected regions to loosen the tightness and increase blood flow. Should you wish a regular or a deep massage accompanied by fragrant oils for that overall soothing and relaxing feeling, then opt for the aromatherapy massage.
There is no reason to bear the pains when you can put yourself under the care of our chiropractic in Lynnwood.