Right Support for Women and Your Back

Studies have shown that women tend to be more susceptible to back and neck pain than men. The reasons for this are probably many, but there is significant evidence to suggest that with the different amount of fat in a woman’s body, there has to be the right type of support. With that in mind, our Edmonds chiropractic offers the following tips to make sure you are getting the correct support to prevent or help back pains.

The problem that some women experience is irritation of the straps on the shoulders, which compromises their posture and puts unnecessary stress upon the neck and shoulders. If you are experiencing this problem, chances are good that you could benefit from a proper fitting. A well-fitting support item should be supporting you from below.

It can also be a good strategy to have a wide selection of different styles to choose from. If the straps are higher or lower on your neck from day to day, you are less likely to settle into a pattern that will ultimately cause you pain. This could go a long way towards reducing the back and neck pain you experience.