The Proper Way to Do Crunches

Maintaining good back health is largely a matter of keeping up a strong core. This means keeping up strength in both your lower back and your abdominal muscles. To this end, regular crunches can go a long way. Consider making this simple exercise a part of your daily routine:

  • Recline on your back, knees bent and with your feet placed flat on the floor. Your feet should be roughly hip-width apart. You may suspend your feet in the air to give yourself a little extra workout.
  • Hold your hands behind your head so that your thumbs are behind your ears. Your fingers shouldn’t be laced together. Do not pull on your neck as you perform your crunches; just allow your head to rest on your hands.
  • Tilt your chin, allowing a few inches of space between your chin and chest.
  • Pull your abdominals in.
  • Use your abdominal muscles to raise your head, neck, and shoulder blades off of the floor, exhaling as you do so. Don’t allow your elbows to come together. Hold for a moment, then lower yourself back down slowly, inhaling as you go.

Consult our Edmonds chiropractic clinic for further advice on how to strengthen your core muscles and prevent back pain.