Preventing Golf-Related Back Pain

Back pain is often attributed to athletic activities, and golf is no exception. The quick, twisting motions of swinging a golf club has a lot of potential to injure your lower back. Our Edmonds chiropractic clinic therefore offers the following advice on how to reduce your chances of taking yourself out of the game when you take in your favorite nine holes:

  • Warm Up First: Start by stretching your important muscles, with particular emphasis on your torso, shoulders, and hips. After this, take a few gentle practice swings to warm up your important muscle groups.
  • Practice a Healthy Swing: Try to swing with a smooth, rhythmic motion. This will reduce the stress put on your muscles and joints.
  • Get a Back-Healthy Bag: Your swing isn’t the only thing putting stress on your back. If you carry around your own golf bag, look for a dual-strap bag. One strap bags that put all of the weight on one shoulder are not doing your back any favors. Additionally, consider getting a bag with an integrated stand that lets you retrieve your clubs without repeatedly bending over.