Nutrition For Good Back Health

Many of the patients who come to our chiropractic in Edmonds need to work on maintaining good bone structure, and this means getting enough calcium. But how do one do this? As studies are showing us that dairy products are not the great source of this vital nutrient that we once thought it was, it can be difficult to know that we’re getting the calcium we need. Consider the following nutritional tips:

Avoid Soft Drinks: Soda has high levels of phosphate, which pull calcium out of your bones and hinder the absorption of fresh calcium.
Eat Calcium-Rich Food: Baked beans, almonds, salmon, oatmeal, and leafy-green vegetables like broccoli and kale are good sources of calcium.
Get Enough Vitamin D: Your body can only use the calcium you consume if you have enough vitamin D.  You can get your vitamin D from food like eggs, liver, and certain fortified foods.  You can also get your vitamin D from sunlight.