Massage Your Way to Clear Skin

Most people come to our chiropractic in Edmonds to help ease their stress or sore muscles. These are both valid reasons to get a massage, but did you also know that a body massage is helping to give you a clear, healthy skin tone? Indeed, a regular massage is a great way to keep your skin strong, even, and youthful.

During your massage, dead cells are being cleared away from your skin to uncover healthier cells beneath. This is encouraging your skin’s regenerative processes, which leads to an improved skin tone. Meanwhile, the increased blood flow brought about by a massage is bringing beneficial nutrients to your tissues and stimulating the growth of fresh cells, which is effective in decreasing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Finally, if your massage therapist is using the right massage oil, it can be helping to moisturize your skin. Massage your way to better skin today with Nu Star in Edmonds!