Managing Back Pain with Aerobic Exercise

Whether you need to rehabilitate yourself from lower back pain or simply want to avoid any future back pain, aerobic exercise can be a potent tool. Such exercise is easy on the spine while also promoting healthy blood flow. Patients who engage in regular aerobic exercise enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • They experience fewer cases of lower back pain.
  • Their back pain tends to be less severe when they experience it, and they remain more functional for the duration of their pain.
  • They are better able to manage their weight, which reduces the strain on the spine.
  • After thirty or forty minutes of aerobic exercise, their increased endorphin production serves to combat pain.
  • Endorphins also relieve symptoms of depression, which many people experience when they suffer from chronic back pain.

Getting enough regular aerobic exercise to fight back pain can be as easy as walking two or three miles three times per week. If you prefer to be seated, a bicycle or stationary bike can give you many of the same benefits. For further help avoiding or managing your back pain, consult our Edmonds chiropractic clinic.