Keeping Your Back Happy While You Stand

It seems like people are taking on more desk jobs that require sitting for long period of time. People with office jobs aren’t the only ones who come to our Lynnwood chiropractor with back pain.

On the other hand, some people who find themselves standing for extended periods of time, like people in many service-based jobs, can also experience a certain kind of back pain from their jobs. This is a different kind of problem than the one experienced by people who sit all day, though it requires a similar set of precautions.

The first thing to realize is that standing is actually better for your back than sitting. You’re actually inflicting your lower back with less stress than you would be in a seated position, and a job that demand that you stand for much of the day is going to foster a good, strong back. The pain you suffer is likely coming from your overworked back getting stiff and knotting up.

The trick to avoiding this is to stay mobile; move around as much as you can, or even stop for a stretch break every few hours or so. This will keep the blood flowing and keep your muscles pain-free.