Is Chiropractic Covered by Insurance?

Many refer to the variety of care offered by our Edmonds chiropractor “alternative” or “supplemental”. However, when compared to other such practices, the insurance coverage of chiropractic is actually quite substantial. While few brands of alternative medicine will be reimbursed at all, the proven effectiveness of chiropractic has allowed it to be covered by many medical plans.

More than half of all HMOs and more than seventy-five percent of private healthcare plans covered chiropractic treatments as of 2002. State workers’ compensation, Medicare, and the Medicaid systems of many states will also compensate you for chiropracty. Among the armed forces, active-duty members can enjoy chiropractic care at more than sixty military bases. The value of the practice is widely recognized throughout the country.

Be sure to check if your particular medical plan covers chiropractic care. Some plans may require that you have your care approved in advance, or only cover a certain number of visits. And whatever your particular circumstances may be, you can always count on Nu Star to give you the best treatment for your money.