How To Prevent Back Injuries While Biking

Riding a bike is a great way to fulfill your aerobic exercise requirement. However, if you don’t take proper care during your biking routine, you will probably only inflict back injury upon yourself. Consider the following tips on how to prevent back and neck pain while you ride your bicycle:

  • Get a proper bike. A casual cyclist should probably choose a mountain bike with a high set of handlebars, rather than a racing-style bicycle. High handlebars serve to keep your spine straight, and the thicker tires give you superior shock absorption.
  • While you ride your bike, practice proper form. Keep your chest up, and use your arms to support some of your weight.
  • Make use of shock absorbing seats, seat covers, handlebar covers, and similar accessories to reduce stress on your spine.
  • You can avoid excess strain on your neck by periodically raising or lowering your head, keeping your muscles loose.
  • Try seeking out the help of an experienced professional to adjust your bike for an optimal fit to your body.

You can learn more about how to live a back-friendly life by consulting Nu Star’s Edmonds chiropractor.