How To Keep a Pain Diary

When talking about treatment options with our chiropractic in Edmonds, it helps to have a detailed record of your pain. This is where it is beneficial to plan ahead with a pain diary. It can be difficult to look back at how your pain has changed throughout a week or two, so keeping comprehensive notes on the daily changes of your pain is the best way to give your chiropractor the information he needs to best deal with your issues.

When writing your pain diary, indicate the severity of your pain with a ten point system. A lack of pain is represented by a zero, one through four represents mild pain, five through seven is moderate pain, eight and nine are severe pain, and ten should be saved for the worst pain imaginable. Record this along with dates, times, and notes on what might have brought the pain on, made it worse, or made it better. If you are using medication, take notes of your dosages and any side effects you think you are experiencing. This will come in useful when it comes time to see a doctor or chiropractor.