Hairdo Headaches

Do you find yourself getting frequent headaches that you cannot explain, even after a massage or two at our Edmonds chiropractic clinic? It’s possible that the solution is as simple as letting your hair down. Look to the way you wear your hair, or the accessories you are wearing on your head, and you may be able to amend your chronic headache problems.

If you pull your hair back in a tight tail or braid, you’re putting strain on the connective tissue in your scalp. This can cause headaches. You might also be getting a similar effect from a particularly tight hat. The next time you get a headache that you don’t know the cause of, try letting your hair down or taking off your headwear; you might be surprised at how easily your pain goes away. If it turns out that your hair or accessories are not the cause of your pain, though, you can always seek relief with a good massage at Nu Star Chiropractic in Edmonds!