Good Walking Posture

The posture you assume while you walk plays a big role in your potential for sciatica or back injuries. Walking involves your whole body, and each part needs to coordinate properly to facilitate the strength and mobility of your back. Consider your own walking posture, and how you might improve it to foster good back health:

  • Head: Hold your head straight up, centered between your shoulders.
  • Shoulders: Don’t slouch forward! Relax your shoulders, but keep them straight.
  • Abdominal: Stand erect, with your abs pulled in slightly to help support your spine.
  • Arms: Hold your arms close to your torso, elbows at a ninety degree angle. Your arms should swing as you walk, each one moving forward along with the leg on the opposite side. Avoid clenching your hands into fists.
  • Hips: Let the forward motion of your stride begin in your hips. Cultivate a comfortable stride that is neither too long nor too short.
  • Feet: Land on your heel and midfoot with every footfall, and then roll forward to push off with your toes.

For more help in cultivating a healthy back, consult our chiropractic in Edmonds.