Five Ways to Treat Your Back at Chiropractic in Lynnwood

Five Styles for your Back Problem

If it’s your first visit to NuStar, maybe trying our Hands-On Massage, that is a soothing, relaxing procedure, may be less intimidating to you. Relieve your stiff neck and back pains with the trained hands of our therapists working within your pain zones and comfort level. It’s everybody’s massage here at our chiropractic in Lynnwood.

How about Cold Laser Therapy? It’s a safe, comfortable procedure that uses very low wavelength beams of light to unloosen you tight back, neck or leg muscles and restore normal blood circulation, under 30 minutes. It’s a relatively new procedure but we are experts at it, treating hundreds already, including athletes’ sports injuries.

A very bad back that might be due to a herniated spinal disk is easily resolved via our Decompression Therapy. We can stretch that spine with sophisticated equipment and computer-customized controls to relieve pressure on those disks concerned. We augment the benefits by also using calculated pressure and some gentle massaging where needed.

Percussion Therapy is another option. It’s usually supplemental but does a great job at removing tension and stiffness. A specialized machine delivers a rapid succession of taps to your problem zones, releasing toxin build-up and stimulating your capillaries and lymph nodes to open up. Another treatment device good for pulling at spinal bones is the mechanical traction, indicated for back and neck compression.

Ask your Chiropractor in Lynnwood

Your best professional to administer these different modalities is our chiropractic expert in Lynnwood. Get always knowledgeable advice so only the most appropriate treatment for your pains is rendered.