First Aid for a Spinal Injury

Suppose you or a friend suffers a serious injury.  Do you know what to do?  If the injury involves the head, face, neck, or back, you should always consider that there might be some damage to the spine.  With that in mind, your Edmonds chiropractor advises that you keep the following in mind when dealing with a possible spinal injury:

  • Avoid moving the person if possible.  So long as there is no immediate danger, it is best not to risk further damage to an injured spine.  This may result in paralysis or other permanent injury.

  • If you cannot avoid moving the injured person, keep his or her head and neck straight and give them adequate support while you do so.

  • If the person is in the water, do not attempt to remove him or her from the water.  Keep the person floating face up until emergency personnel arrive.