Exercises to Prevent or Reduce Lower Back Pain

Are you frequently afflicted with pain in your lower back? It may be time to consider some long-term solutions that can help you to lead a more comfortable, active life. Indeed, getting the right kind of exercise can fortify your body so that it is more resilient to the occasional bad posture, stress, or injury that might take its toll on your back. Our chiropractic in Edmonds recommends the following types of exercise to prevent or reduce your lower back pain:

  • Aerobic Exercises: By properly conditioning your heart and other muscles, you can improve your body’s ability to maintain good health and bounce back from damage.
  • Core Strengthening: Your core is made up of the muscles in your back and stomach, which are important for supporting your spine. A strong core translates to a damage-resistant lower back.
  • Leg Strengthening: Your leg muscles are closely related to your lower back. A strong pair of legs is a solid foundation for your back to rest upon.
  • Stretches: Tight, stiff muscles are easy to injure, and can cause an imbalance in your spine. Stretch out your back and leg muscles to avoid unnecessary damage.