Don’t Carry Your Bag on One Shoulder!

Many people carry bags with them throughout their day, and these can cause problems for your back. Whether you have a laptop case, a heavy purse, or a backpack that you’re in the habit of wearing over one shoulder, you’re probably putting a lot of strain on one side of your body. Your body should remain in balance, with all of the muscles in your back working at the same time whenever it can. Hanging a heavy bag on a single shoulder can put unbalanced stress on one side of the body, causing knots, strains, and other painful back problems.

Our Edmonds chiropractor advises that you try to avoid this unbalanced stress as much as you can. Always use both shoulder straps on your backpack. Consider wheeled laptop cases. Try to lighten the load in your purse. When all else fails, try to remember to periodically switch your load from one shoulder to the other. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of back pain down the line.